Antoine Petit

Analyst, entrepreneur, manager, designer, geek, self-governing, out-of-the-box and a million things between.


“I'm a creative IT Business Analyst“

About me

Hello ! I'm a dynamic IT business analyst and project manager, eager to adapt and to react, focused on delivering out-of-the-box solutions and constantly looking for new things to learn. Constantly travelling, I'm truly passionate about innovation in technology. I'm also a long-time traveller, especially in Asia.

Antoine Petit



Antoine Petit


27 years


Paris France


“Three years experience in the financial sector managing IT projects globally (HK, Paris, London & NY) and experienced in aligning business objectives to an effective implementation.“


HSBC Global Banking & Markets

Aug. 2015 - Feb. 2016

Hong Kong Hong Kong

Production Support Specialist - Fixed Income IT

As a Production Support specialist, I was responsible for conducting change in the Fixed Income Production Support (FIPS) teams globally, with Hong Kong as a priority. I analyzed the core weaknesses and redundant activities the HK and offsite support teams (Brazil and India) were doing, and leveraged our main monitoring systems (mainly ITRS Geneos) to decrease these efforts by 20%.

HSBC Global Banking & Markets

Sept. 2014 - Jul. 2015

Hong Kong Hong Kong

Solution Architect - Fixed Income IT

As soon as my internship was over, I was sent to Hong Kong to help defining the Fixed Income IT (FIIT) strategy and architecture. I was responsible for aligning technical architecture strategies and execution plans to converge towards the desired future state of architecture Gather business requirements and select, if necessary, the technologies that best fit these requirements. I was working in a global-based team with my manager based in Paris and a colleague based in New York.

HSBC Global Banking & Markets

Feb. 2013 - Jul. 2013

France Paris

Project Manager - Fixed Income IT

Right before I graduated, I started working for HSBC Fixed Income IT, a branch of the investment bank responsible for driving and executing IT projects related to fixed rate derivatives products (Bonds, Repos, Swaps). I mainly worked there as an assistant project manager on the implementation and delivery of a new valuations & risk engine.

SPRINT, Telecom Sudparis Junior Entreprise

Oct. 2010 - Apr. 2012

France Evry

Project Manager

A “Junior-Enterprise“ (J.E.) is a small consulting company (turnover: 80k €) run by students in European schools of engineering and management. I work there in parallel of my studies, and managed the initiation and development of different IT projects, including the management of an e-Learning website from business requirement to delivery for


Telecom Sudparis

Sept. 2010 - Jul. 2013

France Evry

Master - Management of Information Systems

Master of Engineering from a French "Grandes Ecoles" with a specialisation in Information Systems.

National University of Singapore

Aug. 2012 - Dec. 2012

Singapore Singapore

Non Graduate Program - Management of Information Systems

A six months non-graduate programme in Singapore to specialize myself in the management of Information Systems (IS). During this period, activities included theory on IS strategy and planning, and project-based activities related to Knowledge Management (KM), computer-mediated communications and telecom & international networks.

Lycee du Parc

Sept. 2008 - Jul. 2010

France Lyon

Classes Preparatoires

A two years preparation for national competitive entrance exams to leading French “Grandes Ecoles”. I specialised in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


“Dynamic, self-governing, fast learner and out-of-the-box”

Programming Skills

  • VBA
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SQL
  • Perl
  • CSS(3)
  • HTML(5)

This project was created in 2 days with no prior knowledge of Ruby on Rails ... I told you I was a fast learner

Have a look on Github


  • French (Mother tongue)
  • English (Daily use)
  • Chinese Mandarin (Elementary)

Office Tools

  • Microsoft Excel (10+ years)
  • Microsoft Visio (3 years)
  • Microsoft Project (3 years)
  • Microsoft Office (10+ years)
  • Adobe Illustrator (personal usage)
  • ITRS Geneos (1 full year)
  • BMC Control-M (2 years)


”Contact me anywhere, anytime, anyhow”

"Antoine has produced a huge amount of work for our architrecture team during the last 18 monts. He's well structured, business focus and knows how to build a solution from a limited number of facts. Before this period, we had also Antoine working in Paris as a junior project manager. Again he was key in the success of some programs thanks to the project planification, he was maintaining and his focus while geting the sign offs from the various stakeholders."

Francois Gabillault

Fixed Income Derivatives Solutions Architect, HSBC

"I had the chance to work with Antoine at HSBC, who really did well as a project manager. Antoine was very diligent and always happy to help to get things moved forward. I strongly recommend his profile to anyone looking for a motivated and proactive person."

Jérémie Revenaz

Balance Sheet Management Senior Project Manager, HSBC